Looking For Work In Spain

Things To Do When Looking For Work In Spain

There are more than 3 things to do when looking for work in Spain but after living here in Almeria in the southern part of Spain for more than 14 years, I will show you the top 3 things I have discovered that will greatly improve your chances of finding a lasting job in Spain.

When I first moved here to Almeria in Spain more than 14 years ago now, there was plenty of work for everyone even the expat community that spoke little or no Spanish, with so many English bars and restaurants opening in all the touristy areas, there was always someone looking for workers full and part time.

Then when the crisis hit the world a few years back Spain was hit hard with small businesses closing down almost every week, the people who spoke little or no Spanish then would find that their boss let them go in favor of the staff that did speak Spanish. It was not just that they could speak Spanish though, you see the British people as a whole, are not use to working the long hours that the Spanish are. For example:

3 Things To Do When Looking For Work In Spain

Normal working hours in Spain are from 7:30 -2pm with about 2 hours for lunch and then from 4pm until 9 or even 10pm. Form the British a working day is from 9-5 with a few short breaks thrown in along the way but most finish at 5pm or 6pm at the latest.

The money also here is much lower than that of the UK so it takes some getting use to when you first start working here.

OK so here are the 3 Things To Do When Looking For Work In Spain.

1. The most important thing To Do When Looking For Work In Spain, above all in my mind, is to learn some Spanish, even before you come and live here. So many people don’t even bother to learn the basics and that is what really holds them back. OK there are many Spanish people who now speak English but you will have a greater chance of finding a job if you just learn some Spanish.

2. Even before you decide on moving to Spain, do some research on the area first, as many areas in Spain tend to shut down for the winter months and there are fewer jobs in these areas that are all year round, plus even if you get a job in that area, you will have to reapply again the following season for the same job.

3. Your CV needs to be in English and Spanish as even if your new employer speaks English, his partners may not and companies always keep a copy of your CV on file so making it easy for others to read is important, also a great idea that I have used in the past is this, if you see a company or place that you think that you would like to work for, even if they are not advertising for staff, send them a copy of your CV and follow it up a few days later with a visit or call. So many times I did this and it seemed to make the company think that may be they could use me for something and I got a job that was not even advertised.

If you lay out in your CV just what you could do for that company and your past skills that would benefit them, you will be surprised at how many calls I got for an interview.

Remember that moving to Spain is great and sitting on the beach all day at the weekends with a cold drink is nice but when you come here and are looking for work here you need to change the way you are thinking and it is possible to enjoy the sunny warm days and nights here as well as living a better way of life but just by following my 3 Things To Do When Looking For Work In Spain, you will stand a better chance of finding that perfect job and living the life you want in this amazing part of the world.

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